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Monday, November 10, 2014

REMINDER: The 2014 Fall Late Night Stamper Treasure Hunt Blog Hop ends soon!

Do you like to play games?  Would you like a chance to win FREE Stampin' Up! merchandise as a prize?  Do you want to see awesome card ideas, learn techniques and be inspired?

Then this “Treasure Hunt” is for you!

All you need to do is visit the blogs listed below and look for their official clue. 

The CLUE will be an item that is from the 2014 -2015 Stampin’ Up! Catalog and it will be posted near this “official” LNS Treasure Hunt Blog Hop Logo. 

Each blog will have a different clue.  You may have to look for a while on some blogs, but it’s there!

You can find my clue by following this link.   
Be sure to keep track of all the clues and which clue was found on each of the listed blogs.  When you have collected all of them, send your entry to me at  I will check to see if you have all of the 41 blog addresses listed with their correct corresponding clues, then I will enter your name into the official drawing for the Grand Prize. 
Time is running out!
You only have until November 15 to submit your entry for the drawing. 

Have fun with this!  Don’t just look for the clues, look at all the great ideas offered on each blog.  The greatest “prize” in this experience is the inspiration you gain as you view all the wonderful ideas.


  • Visit the 41 blogs of the Stampin' Up! demonstrators listed below.
  • Look for the Treasure Hunt clue on participating blogs. All blogs will have the Stampin' Up! LNS Treasure Hunt “treasure chest” with their posted clue to verify they are a registered participant in the current hunt.
  • Make a list of the blogs and the corresponding clue found on each of them. You may have to look for a while through old posts on some blogs to find their clue, after all it is a Treasure HUNT!  If you have difficulty finding a clue on a particular blog let me know, I will give you a hint.
  • Send me your completed list of blogs with corresponding clues at Be sure to include your name and email address.
  • I will check your clue list and then pass your entry info onto the drawing supervisor.
  • NOTE:  All entries MUST be submitted by the November 15 deadline. You may only submit one entry for the drawing.

2014 LNS Fall Treasure Hunt Blog Participants

  1. Sherrill Graff, NV-US – 
  2. Sherrill Graff, NV-US –  
  3. Sherrill Graff, NV-US –
  4. Sherrill Graff, NV-US –  
  5. Deborah Smart, BC-CA –
  6. Bev Farmer, MD-US –
  7. Katie Shimshock, US –
  8. Bridget Sandoval, CO-US –
  9. Jana T. Secord, US –  
  10. Misty Snell, OK-US –
  11. Sarah Souza, US –
  12. Carol Gleason, WI-US –
  13. Diana Carr, US –
  14. Debi Teague, TX-US –
  15. Olivia V. Studley -
  16. Cyndy Ponczek, US –
  17. Mary Lee, CO-US –
  18. Tracy Elsom, NS-CA –
  19. Nora J. Hampton, US -
  20. Karina Chin, US -
  21. Angelica N. Fletcher -
  22. Angie Jones, AUS – 
  23.  Sharon Tong-Robinson, CA-US -
  24. Ann Shafer, US -
  25. Angeline Anny, HI-US –
  26. Laura Simnick, IN-US –
  27. Janis L. Thomas, PA-US –
  28. Cindy Mitchell-Clark, TX-US –
  29. Christy Minshall, NY-US –
  30. Marie Green, OR-US –
  31. Lisa Tyndall, US – 
  32. Valerie Malkus, NY-US - 
  33. Cheryl Laxton,   
  34. Billie Moan, US –
  35. Angela Henninger, TX-US –
  36. Melanie Coverston, - 
  37. ChrisAnn Tomasso, US –
  38. ChrisAnn Tomasso, US -
  39. Suzanne Johnson, US –   
  40. Vicki Reed, US –
  41. Shelly Peck, US –

Treasure Hunt Tips
1.    Some blogs have forms you can use to keep track of you clues, or you can cut and past the blog list into a word or excel document to record your answers.  Once you have a place to record your answers, start the hunt!
2.    To find clues, when you open a participating blog you should
a.    Check to see if it has a page tab/header for the LNS Treasure Hunt, if so start there.
b.    Scan the side bar for a search tool and try “CLUE” or “HUNT” as the key words.  Many blogs have labels on each post or their search tool can find key words that are used in posts.
c.    Check the site “Archives” (usually found in the side bar), Check posts in August, September, October and November 2014 and look for anything with a title related to the “LNS TREASURE HUNT”
d.    Scan blog postings for the mention of the LNS Treasure Hunt clue or look for TREASURE CHEST PICTURE.
3.    Once you find the clue for a site, cut and paste it into your document next to the blog address.
     4.   Report your results by November 15.

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